La Provence Estate

Our History

Originally allocated in 1688 to French Huguenot, Pierre Joubert, the estate has been in the hands of the Roux family since 1917.
Over 300 years old, La Provence Estate was originally allocated to French Huguenot, Pierre Joubert, in 1688. Over time the estate was divided into five sections of which two belong to the Roux family. La Provence farm has been in the hands of the Roux family since 1917 when Carin van Rensburg’s great grandfather, Paul Roux, purchased the farm for his second oldest son, Danie.

Both direct decedents of the French Huguenots, Danie and his wife Susan de Villiers, developed the farm and designed the beautiful gardens surrounding the homestead. The farm was inherited by their son, Paul, and his wife, Brieta Roux, who also live on the estate.

In 1988, Paul’s eldest daughter, Carin,  and her husband, Johan van Rensburg,  renovated the workers’ accommodation on the farm and started a Bed and Breakfast business called La Provence Vineyard Cottages.  La Provence is currently managed by the Van Rensburg's, and they are the gracious hosts to many guests from all over the world, many of whom have become friends that return every year.