La Provence Vineyard produced 30,000 bottles of wine from the 2013 harvest. Wine maker Johan primarily produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc wines. He expertly handcrafts classics such as Pinotage, Shiraz, Merlot, and Chardonnay as well. Currently, wines are sold on the private market and can be purchased directly from Johan’s cellar. In addition to La Provence wines, Johan has been contracted to produce wine for fellow popular Franschhoek wine-selling labels, La Petit Provence and Domain des Anges.

La Provence offers two splendid wine brands – La Provence and Eagle Rock. La Provence is Johan’s leading product with varieties of wine named for his three children. In recent years, Johan created the Eagle Rock label after noticing a cliff in the surrounding Franschhoek Mountain shaped like an eagle taking flight. Both the eagle and rock are strong symbols for beauty and timelessness which characterize the historic La Provence Estate.

La Provence Photo Nov 26, 10 06 34 AM

Paul Roux – Cabernet Sauvignon blend

– Full-bodied with aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant, and soft oak spice

Rouxanne – Cabernet Sauvignon & Chenin Blanc Rosé

– Floral with hints of strawberry, and spice

Madelé – Chenin Blanc

– Deep gold with favors of honey and guava



Eagle RockER Logo_Color

Eagle Rock Red – Cabernet reserve

Eagle Rock White – Chenin Blanc